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1.       Where do your students rank in comparison with other schools, both public and private?
At MMCS we take the Iowa Basic Tests yearly to make sure that our curriculum is meeting the needs of our students.  Typically our students rank above average compared to other students in public and private schools.  Our curriculum is academically advanced but we strive to individualize instruction as much as possible.

2.       Do you have provisions for children with learning difficulties?
While we may not be a match for every student, we have in our school family children with learning difficulties.  We do our best to modify, adapt and structure our lessons to meet the needs of all children in our class.  We also offer help in math and speech from the Intermediate Unit.  Several classes have aides which permit one on one instruction when needed.

3.    What Curriculum do you use? 
The curriculum for Kindergarten thru grades 6 is the A Beka curriculum, published by Pensacola Christian College in Florida. It is an accelerated program designed to give children a solid foundation in phonics, mathematics, writing, language,science and reading. We are using the ACSI Bible curriculum, and the Scott-Foresman Social Studies for grades 1-6.

We offer a full curriculum including art, music, and physical education, as well as a science lab weekly. A Beka curriculum is Biblically based; however, issues of doctrine or individual church practices are not taught. Questions of such a nature will be referred to the parents to discuss with their children.

The preschool has its own Bible based thematic curriculum. The curriculum repeats every other year so children in a two year program do not have the same activities. 

4.     What is your Philosophy of Education?
The teaching of academics is only one part of a child’s education. Spiritual and moral values, proper attitudes, respect for authority and for the rights and feelings of others are also very important in the task of training children to become mature Christian leaders. Education that includes only the academics is inferior as it lacks the foundation for ongoing achievement. The foundation for moral and spiritual teaching is the Word of God, the Bible.

God has given each child to his parents, who, in turn, are entrusting the School with a very vital part of his training. We consider our share in the education of this child to be a sacred trust and will endeavor to instruct him as an individual. Each child is a human being endowed with God-given abilities and unique personality. We recognize that each student will respond differently to that which is presented; however, ALL of them will be exhorted to produce to their fullest potential.

5.       Do you have a hot lunch program?
Hot lunches are available 5 days a week for a cost of $3.50.   Area restaurants provide a variety of food in individual containers for our student population.  Parents can select as many or as few lunches as desired and lunch boxes are always welcome.  Parent volunteers help the staff with lunches on a daily basis.  This is a great way for parents or grandparents to be involved with their children.

 6.       How does your tuition amount compare with other private schools? 
Our tuition is below most other private schools, it averages about $11.00 per day.  We can keep our tuition low because of the generosity of the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church to house the school and pay for most overhead expenses.  We have just a few major fund raisers per school year to help defray some of our expenses and pay salaries.  The Parent Teacher Fellowship has two fund raisers each year to pay for all the special activities for the children, such as field trips, parties, activities.

7.       How often will my child have special activities such as music, art, gym etc.? 
Each week MMCS offers a 40/45 minutes period for music, art, gym, and science lab for each grade level.  Science lab is an opportunity for the students to experience science concepts in a totally hands-on experience.  

8.       In what way can parents be involved in the school?
MMCS has a very strong and active Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) that helps plan activities and special events for the student population.  Parents are encouraged to serve lunch, help with parties and the monthly activities, attend field trips, and help in the classroom when needed. 

9.       How can I keep in contact with my child’s teacher and know about the school activities? 
Each week a folder is sent home with weekly information as well as a monthly calendar, lunch forms, and student papers.  Monthly reports are sent home with all students to inform parents of their child’s progress in each subject area.  Parents are welcome to schedule phone conferences or meetings with the teacher at any time during year.   

10.       Since this is a Christian school what religious beliefs will be taught? 
All the staff at MMCS are Christian teachers who attend a wide variety of different churches.  Although we are housed in the Baptist Church we are not teaching Baptist principles.  We teach the Word of God through the Bible and that we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.   The Association of Christian School International supplies a nondenominational Bible curriculum that is used in our school.  We recite Bible verses weekly and stress good moral habits daily.  The pastors of the church have a monthly chapel service that revolves around a Godly principle such as making good choices, honesty, respect, integrity, sincerity, trustworthy, being a leader, etc.  Any questions regarding baptism, communion, or specific church doctrine are referred back to the student’s parent or spiritual leader.

11.       How do I enroll my child? 
You can download the application from this site or you can call the school for a packet of all pertinent information.  If desired you can make an appointment with the principal to visit the school and discuss your child’s needs.  If your child is transferring from another school, we will need a copy of your child’s health record and permanent records from the last school attended. All students entering from another school will be interviewed and tested to be sure that the grade entering will be a good academic match. 

12.     Are there discounts available for families with multiple children?
A discount of 10% is offered on tuition only for each additional child that enrolls at MMCS in Kindergarten - Sixth Grade. For example the monthly rate for the first child would be $190.00, the second child would be $180.00 etc.  

13.       What age does my child have to be to start Kindergarten? 
Kindergarten children must be 5  years of age by September 30 and have a completed shot record.

14.     How do I receive transportation for my child? 

Once you register your child at MMCS, the principal will arrange for your child’s transportation.  The bus company will contact you with the exact time and where your child will be picked up.

 15.   Is financial aid available? 
MMCS does not have a financial aid plan in operation at this time.  We can direct you to some local organizations that may be able to help with the tuition.  

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