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Parent - Teacher Fellowship

January 19, 2016
6:30 PM
About the PTF....

MMCS has a very active fellowship of parents and teachers who work together to make the year enjoyable for the children. The PTF elects its officers, with board approval, has its own bylaws and has only two major fund raisers per year. All participants in the school, preschool through sixth grade, are automatically voting members when in attendance at the meetings. The meeting are held once a month in the school lunchroom. 

The PTF is responsible for all social gatherings at the school, such as the fall harvest party, Thanksgiving feast,  jump rope for the heart, beach day and any other FUN activities. The fund raisers help to support these  activities as well as the field trips, graduation ceremonies, playground equipment, computers, and other classroom supplies and equipment.

This group provides homeroom parents, hot lunch helpers, reception committee members, calendar party hostess/hosts, and coordinates other small fund raisers. Our school has two Scholastic Book Fairs per year; we collect Campbell's Soup Labels, Box Tops for Education, Shop N' Save receipts and used ink cartridges. Some of these small fund raisers allow us to purchase athletic and scholastic equipment at a reduced price, others send small monetary reimbursements and still others provide programs for our school at no charge like the Carnegie Science Center. There is a Campbell's soup can near the office for collection of these items.

PTF President - Jennifer Lafferty
PTF Vice President - Judi Kisner
PTF Secretary - Erika Shiflett

For questions or to reach any of the above mentioned members please email us! 

Top Sellers for the Fall 2015 Butterbraid/Cookie Dough Fundraiser:

Victoria Green
Cameron Ice
Madalyn Ellsworth
Marley Shiflett
Paytyn Senge
James Gantle
Jordan Hartman
Jaden Hartman
Rylee Baukol
Olivia Donaldson
Abigail Donaldson

The highest number of butterbraids/cookie dough sold by the top sellers was 51 and h least amount sold was 20!  Top sellers will be going on a limo ride to the Dairy Queen for lunch!

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