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Rates & Registration Information
Transportation is available for MMCS students from the following districts:  Albert Gallatin, Uniontown, Brownsville, Southeastern Greene, and Laurel Highlands.  In all the districts our students ride a bus that is designated exclusively for MMCS students.  

Parents are able to drop off their children to school anytime after 8:30 am at the upper doors.  Children are supervised in the lunch/gym/all purpose room by a teacher on duty for that purpose.  Parents may also pick up their students at the same location at 3:15 pm.  It is requested that if the normal transportation is not being used that the parents call the school during the day to state their needs. It is imperative that you speak with a staff member, please do not leave a message.  Pickup students and bus students load and unload at different locations to keep the congestion to a minimum.   Parents are given security cards that must be shown before a student is released from school.  This eliminates confusion at the pick-up location.

Please note: transportation is not available for our preschool children.

Mount Moriah Christian School
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Serving Christ since 1985

Kindergarten Rates:

Registration Fee: $75.00 for new students / $50.00 for re-enrolling students.                      Tuition: $200 monthly for 10 months starting in August - May

Supply Fee: $50.00 This fee covers all needed school supplies for the year.                       Activity Fee:  $25

Book Fee: $150 (Parents are charged only for the consumable books used. Reading & History books are the property of MMCS)

Requirements for Kindergarten: Child must be age 5 on or before September 30th and have proof of immunizations. 

** Our Kindergarten program has evolved to suit the needs of the parents and the child. Our Kindergarten students will attend school three full days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) for the first nine weeks of school. This time period allows the child and parent to adjust to the schooling process. For the remainder of the school year, the students will be required to attend full time. 

MMCS offers an accelerated program of academics from Preschool through Eighth grade.

Mt. Moriah Christian School accepts students without regard to gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, or religious affiliation. Because it is a Christian School, students who enroll agree to participate fully in all required religious activities such as Bible class, chapel, etc. Mt. Moriah may deny admission to students with physical or mental handicaps because the school is not physically able to accommodate disabled students and because it does not have staff or resources to serve students with exceptional learning problems.

Before a student in Kindergarten thru 8th grade is accepted for enrollment, the parents and student must attend an interview with the administrator. Records from the previous school year must be presented, and the student will be tested for academic placement. A birth certificate or other record of birth must be submitted for all new students. No student will be admitted to class without an updated immunization record.

Mt. Moriah Christian School reserves the right to accept a student on a trial basis. We may re-evaluate his/her progress at any time deemed necessary by the administrator, staff, or Board of Directors to determine if it is still in the best interest of the school and the students to continue his/her attendance.

Mt. Moriah Christian School reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time as we may deem necessary.

Preschool Information:

Activities that will be done on a continuing basis:

Social interaction: Students will be encouraged to make choices concerning how they would like to play during playtime. Play givesthe children an excellent opportunity to develop language and social stills, aids in motor control and promotes sharing.

Name Recognition: When the children arrive in the morning, they will find their name and place it on our classroom tree. Other activities throughout the year will be done to reinforce this skill.

Listening Skills: The children will play games and do other activities that promote listening. It is important to listen to directions, while others are talking, and at story time.

Following Directions: Every day we work on following simple directions. It may be one or more requests such as, line up to wash your hands, close your glue etc. Also, when we do a project, we will ask them to use certain colors or follow the correct steps. 

Small Motor Skills: Learning to hold a crayon and color neatly is necessary in order to learn to hold a pencil and write their name. Also good exercise are tracing, lacing, and using glue.

Self -Help Skills: This is the basis of good self esteem. When children are confident that they can take care of every day tasks, they feel better about themselves. We will also ask them to help clean up after playtime, snack, and when making crafts.

Pre-Kindergarten Skills: (M-W-F class only) - Throughout the school year we will work on many skills needed for kindergarten. Along with the skills previously mentioned are a review of colors and shapes, recognizing and printing numbers 1 -10, counting to 20,recognizing letters and their  sounds, and printing their first names correctly.

Program Includes: Bible stories and Scripture memorization, Introduction to letters A-Z, numbers 1-20, colors and shapes, art, music, games, gross and fine motor skills development, Mid-session snack (provided by parents), thematic units, special programs and parties.

Class size: There will be no more than sixteen children in any class, a teacher / student ratio of 1:8

Preschool Times & Rates:

Tuesday and Thursday Program 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.  Morning Session 

Registration Fee: $35.00                  Activity Fee:  $25           Supply Fee:  $25                          Tuition rate: $75 monthly for 10 months beginning in  August - May

T-TH Requirements: 3 - 4 1/2  year olds and potty trained

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Program  9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Morning Session  -OR - 12:15 to 2:45 p.m. Afternoon Session

Registration Fee: $35.00                   Activity Fee:  $25            Supply Fee: $25                        Tuition rate: $100 monthly for 10 months beginning in August - May

M-W-F Requirements: 4 1/2 - 5 year olds and potty trained. 

**The M-W- F class will ensure readiness for the start of Kindergarten.

First - Sixth Grade Rates:

Registration Fee: $75.00 for new students/ $50 for re-enrolling students                             Supply Fee: $50.00 This fee covers all the needed school supplies for the year.

Tuition: $220.00 monthly for 10 months starting in August - May                                        Activity Fee:  $25

Book Fees (Parents are charged only for the consumable books used. Reading & History books are the property of MMCS.):
1st grade:  $200            2nd grade:  $250            3rd grade:  $$400            4th grade:  $300            5th grade:  $380            $6th grade:  $400

Seventh - Eighth Grade Rates:

Registration Fee:  $75 for new students/ $50 for re-enrolling students                                    Supply Fee:  $100                    Book Fees:  TBA
Tuition:  $250 monthly for 10 months starting in August - May​                                                 Activity Fee:  $25